Svetlana Tomin
Faculty of Philosophy,
University of Novi Sad

Bibliography of the Works on Jelena Balšić (between 1366 and 1371–1443)

This bibliography includes articles, studies and books that are dedicated to an important figure of the fifteenth-century Serbian culture – a ruler and writer Helen Balšić. The novels, plays and other non-scientific writings dealing with her life are also listed. Editions of her works – letters, contract with Venice, ktitor inscription and testament – are noted as well. Even the texts in which she is only mentioned are taken into account. The order is chronological.

Bibliography, Serbia, fifteenth century, woman ruler, epistolography

Gordana Đoković
Faculty of Philology
University of Belgrade

Mina Karadžić Vukomanović (1828-1894), A Selective Bibliography

After a short introductory bibliographic citation, the work gives biographical data on Mina Karadžić-Vukomanović and especially on her literary production. The largest part of the work is her selective bibliography which is divided into three different sections: Mina Karadžić-Vukomanović Works, Works About Mina Karadžić-Vukomanović and Non-Book Materials.

bibliography, Mina Karadžić-Vukomanović

Dragana Grujić
Faculty of Philology,
University of Belgrade

Bibliography of Srpkinja

In addition to a brief introductory study, this paper presents a list of articles published in an illustrated publication Srpkinja: njezin život i rad, njezin kulturni razvitak i njezina narodna umjetnost do danas, which was published in Sarajevo in 1913 by prominent Serbian female writers of the time.

Srpkinja, Jelica Belović-Bernadžikovska, Zora Prica, Maga Magazinović, Darinka Bulja