Aleksandra Vraneš
Faculty of Philology
University of Belgrade

Multiculturalism and Social Otherness

On the one hand, this paper examines the impact of multiculturality on women’s role in society, and on the other, their presence in social and artistic life, the level of autochtonousness and originality, but also that of dependence on general social problems, such as copyright and intellectual freedom protection. Relying on relevant information, the information society requires respect for two fundamental privileges: freedom of information, on the one hand, and protection of personal and social interest, on the other. The role of women in the society, however, and all their life determinants by the same token, as well as their scientific and artistic proclivities, have been paid attention to since the third decade of the XX century. The lack of intellectual freedoms frustrates the existence of quality information society, so in order to protect and defend these rights, declarations, manifests, laws and regulations are defined, supported or opposed by individuals, communities, associations, all of which contributes to the establishment of a value system protecting human rights, amongst which the attitude toward women and their creations is distinctive.

multiculturality, gender studies, bibliography, censorship, civil freedoms, copyright