Knjiženstvo, Journal for Studies in Literature, Gender and Culture, has been initiated within the research project Knjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915, which is financed by The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. While the aim of the project is to highlight the history of women's writing in Serbian literature, and to theorize its specificities by transforming the existing, predominantly Western, concepts and models, the journal is designed as a kind of forum, where an emerging literary history is being presented, (re)examined, and questioned. Thus, the journal is connected – in practice (trough links), as well as in theory – with the digital database Knjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915.

Most of the articles of this issue of Knjiženstvo are dedicated to various connections between women’s culture and periodical publications. The opening article analyzes contemporary women’s journals, while others are mostly focused on the 20th century periodicals, in which the adjective female used to mark a space for women’s self-expression, even though it sometimes had a normative character. Other articles, which are published in the middle section of the issue, deal with individual female authors and their works: the letters of young Marquise of Alorna, Jelena Dimitrijević and the French influences on her writings, Jovanka Hrvaćanin, Danica Marković, and Milena Pavlović Barilli as a nomadic subject. The bibliographies published in this issue are dedicated to nun Jefimija and to various issues of journal Women’s World (1866-1890). Book reviews present several recently published books in Serbia: a book by Slobodanka Peković about Isidora Sekulić, a collection of papers presented during the international conference entitled Serbian Language, Literature, and Art, which was organized in Kragujevac in 2010, and a book written by Dragana Popović about women and science. Interview with Nataša Marković, a member of the Editorial Board of “Službeni glasnik” and editor of the series entitled Sopstvena soba (A Room of One's Own), as well as reports about the important events, such as the exhibition dedicated to periodical publications at the National Library of Serbia and the 2012 COST Action IS0901 meetings, additionally actualize the issues raised within the Knjiženstvo journal and project.

The expectations expressed in the previous issue of our journal – regarding the growth of our readership, together with a number of our associates – are being met in this one. We have done our best in attempting to inspire future studies in literature, gender and culture with this issue as well.

Editorial board of the journal Knjiženstvo

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