Dragana Grujić
Gordana Đoković
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philology

Bibliography of the Journal Women’s World: The Journal of Serbian Women’s Charity Associations: Part V (1904–1907)

This bibliography represents the fifth part of the bibliography of the journal Women’s World: The Journal of Serbian Women’s Charity Associations. It encompasses four years during which the magazine was issued, from 1904 to 1907, and contains 918 bibliographic units, described in de visu language and in the script of their publication. The bibliography is divided into four chronological wholes, according to the year of publication, while the numbers of the bibliographic units are provided in continuity. Within each whole, the units are alphabetically organised, according to the surname of the author, or the title of the article in cases of texts that were not signed or were initialled. Brief annotations which reflect the content more closely are provided together with the bibliographic description. In line with the informational requirements, combined registers which extract titles and subjects from bibliographic descriptions are also included.


bibliography, Women’s World journal (1904–1907)