Marijana DUJOVIĆ
Independent researcher

Bibliography of Articles from Serial Publications on Serbian Female Musicians 1825−1914

Musical criticism in Serbia can be traced back to 1825. Amateurs and professional musicians, however, started showing increased interest in making music in the 1880s. Since there were still very few educated musicians in the late nineteenth century, many lawyers, teachers, doctors, priests, and politicians, as well as many other intellectuals or music lovers wrote musical reviews. Many of them were also amateur performers. Until World War I, there were also plenty female musicians in Serbia and some of them were internationally recognized. Most women who were musicians at the time are today forgotten or unknown in the public. This paper represents a bibliography of newspaper articles from 1825 to the beginning of the Great War in which women who were musicians in Serbia are mentioned. 


bibliography, Serbian female musicians, periodicals, musical articles

Dragana GRUJIĆ
Faculty of Philology
University of Belgrade

Bibliography of the magazine Ženski svet: list dobrotvornih zadruga Srpkinja: part IV (1899–1903)

This bibliography represents the fourth sequel of the bibliography of magazines Ženski svet: list dobrotvornih zadruga Srpkinja [Women’s World: The Newsletter of Charity Cooperatives of Serbian Women]. It encompasses the five years in which the magazine was published, from 1899 to 1903 and contains 973 bibliographic units described with de visu language using the script of the publication. As in the previous bibliographies, the units are placed in alphabetical order, according to the author’s surname or the title of the article – when the texts were not signed or when initials were used. Since all units have been entered into the joint database, the COBISS.ID number was provided together with the categorization of the article. In accordance with informative requests, registers that separate the title, the author and the topic have been included.


bibliography, women’s magazine Ženski svet: list dobrotvornih zadruga Srpkinja (1899-1903) [Women’s World: The Newsletter of Charity Cooperatives of Serbian Women]