Knjiženstvo, Journal for Studies in Literature, Gender and Culture, has been initiated within the research project Knjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915, which is financed by The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. While the aim of the Knjiženstvo project is to highlight the history of women's writing in Serbian literature, and to theorize its specificities by transforming the existing, predominantly Western, concepts and models, the Knjiženstvo journalis designed as a kind of forum, where an emerging literary history is being presented, (re)examined, and questioned. Thus, the journal is connected – in practice (trough links), as well as in theory – with the digital databaseKnjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915

The opening text of the third issue of the Knjiženstvo journal tells a story about Abby Leach, the pioneer of women's classical education in the US, and presents the digital Data Base of Classical Scholarship in the US. This issue is focused on the impact of wars and revolutions – the Great War, as well as the minor wars and upheavals in the Balkans – on women's writing and culture. This segment of the issue contains a text about Jelena Dimitrijević and Virginia Woolf, a paper about Isidora Sekulić and Milica Janković, an article about the analysis of the Woman – Nation relationship in the women's magazine Žena during and after the wars, and a paper about Lise Meitner and Marie Curie.  Two articles of this issue are focused on the famous book by Rebecca West Black Lamb, Grey Falcon. The first one is about the reception of West's book, while the second one consists of the fragments of a TV series or movie script draft, which is based on West's travelogue. In addition to war-related topics, the third issue of Knjiženstvo contains a text about women's contribution to Serbian culture in the Middle Ages, an essay about the processes of modernization and emancipation of Sephardic women in the Balkans in the 19th and 20th century, and a historical overview of Turkish women writers. This issue also contains papers about dance and performance art; one of them is focused on the works of Maga Magazinović, and the other is focused on Marina Abramović.  The final article of the section entitled «Women's Writing and Culture» is an analysis of a TV talk show. The bibliography section of this issue contains data about the issues of Ženski svet magazine published from 1891 till 1894. We have interviewed Marie-Louise Coolahan, an Irish literary scholar who uses digital data bases in her research of manuscripts. In the «Review» section of this issue eight books are presented – starting from a Japanese monograph about the digital archiving of rare books, all the way to the family and personal histories by Ivana Stefanović and Delfa Ivanić. The «Review» section also offers reviews of a publication on gender and political transitions, of a book on the «entertainment industry», of a collection of essays about Draga Gavrilović, and of a collection of interviews. In the final section entitled «Events», Alice Munro is briefly introduced, and the concluding text is a story about Katarina Milovuk, which was narrated on the 150th anniversary of the Belgrade Women's High school.

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